Youtube vs Tiktok controversy

Youtube vs Tiktok

Yesterday, I was binge-watching random videos on Youtube and came across a video on the trending list. I didn’t understand what was the matter, so I again watched like 3-4 videos, to understand from where this Youtube vs TikTok is coming from. There is the whole controversy going on between what is better Youtube or TikTok.

Personally, I’m not a big Tiktok fan. There might be great original content on TikTok, but I barely came across it. Don’t get me wrong, Tiktok is very entertaining but for quality and original content, everyone will always prefer Youtube.

Youtube and Tiktok are both different platforms. It doesn’t make sense to compare both these platforms as the purpose of both is very different.
I do not think this controversy is the need of the hour and fail to understand why this is made so big at this point. The world is already suffering a lot, you really don’t need to add more to it.

Roasting is entertaining.
But crossing the line between criticism leading towards hate is spreading.
Forming opinions based on roasting videos is not cool,
that’s just for entertainment guys, don’t be a fool.
Spread smiles, happiness, and positivity
The world is already toxic with negativity
Not everyone online is a social media influencer,
Use some brains, don’t believe any random creator
The cases are rising very fast,
we don’t know how long the lockdown will last.
We need to be together and united
be as one and that is what’s expected

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion living in a democratic country that’s a perk. Don’t think about views, followers, or subscribers, it’ll just prove you’re a jerk.

You don’t need anyone’s validation to do things you like since forever, don’t compare each other because you can grow together.

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