Get to know me: Why i started this blog?

All my life, I have been an introverted person. I was an average student in school with no extraordinary talent and bare minimum interest in studies. From overcoming stage freight to scoring one of the highest scores in college has been an incredible journey worth looking back.My ideal plan was to pursue my masters degree after completing my internship. But due to the COVID 19 crisis, I had to leave it midway

How does the H1B visa suspension affect the Indians?

US President Donald Trump temporarily suspended the H1B visa and other temporary work permits till 31st December. He believed that the circumstances are extraordinary and the most sought H1B work visa for skilled workers proposed a threat to the employed American workers. The COVID-19 crises have spiked the rate of unemployment in the United States of America. The immigrants preferred the H1B visa as it is a non-immigrant visa of dual intent, which means that they are eligible for a permanent residency by applying for a green card. The H1B visa is also used by US companies to employ foreign workers in specialized fields. This visa benefits both the employer and the employee. The employee is paid more than what its native country could offer and the employer pays less compared to hiring the local workforce.